Linux For Business

Enterprise Solutions

TUXPC can offer a variety of Linux solutions that are some of the most interoperable, manageable and efficient desktop computing environments in production use today.

Flexible and feature rich, yet also very affordable, 'Enterprise' Linux Desktops and Servers help you be more productive, while also improving employee productivity. Enterprise Destops and Servers come with comprehensive deployment tools, so you can get the most from your infrastructure.

Seamlessly work with your existing IT. Choose the Linux Desktop or Server that plays best with your current IT environment. TUXPC recommend SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop SUSE, which supports leading multimedia file formats and thousands of plug-and-play devices. It also integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and connects to Novell GroupWise and Microsoft Exchange.

Cost Effective

Tired of paying high prices for Windows? Then switch to a Linux desktop. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop can cost up to 90% less than Windows and Office, making this Linux desktop more than pay for itself. Change the way you think about your desktop platform and lower your costs today.

Open Business Solutions

Open and Free

Businesses can benefit from the [Free] open source versions too, if they so choose. Linux distributions such as openSUSE, Ubuntu and Fedora are community driven, free operating systems. Ubuntu in particular offer versions with Long Term Support: Ubuntu Long Term Support

Learn more about Ubuntu and it's features: Ubuntu Features

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