Linux at School

The Advantages

Our learning programs offer something other than the usual monoculture we see in traditional I.T. programs. Courses from TUXPC.CO.UK introduce students to a range of community based and supported Linux Operating Systems and Software.

Linux Distributions (Distros) are developed by thousands of community users/developers. Companies such as Red Hat and SUSE provide Enterprise versions of Linux that are used by thousands of businesses worlwide. See our About Linux page for more information.

Open Source, community based and supported versions of Linux are becomming more and more popular. TUXPC will give students hands on experience. They'll learn all about Linux today, how to use it, how to install it and what motivates many 1000's of people to give freely of their time supporting it.

What Will Students Learn?

We are happy to adjust the program to meet the different needs of your school/students. Typically, the course will address the following:

  • What is Linux
  • The Linux Kernel Explained
  • Cross Platform Integration
  • Linux | Windows | OS X - The Differences
  • The Open Source Community - It's Motivation
  • Free, Not for Profit - How?
  • Installing and Using Linux

Remember too, we use BSL and can help Deaf Students

     BSL Used Here